Hartland Community Arts (HCA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to create and sustain an interest in the arts by sponsoring concerts and arts related events for the enjoyment of the general public.

HCA sponsors scholarships for Hartland youths wishing to attend arts related classes, workshops or camps. We also assist in the funding of a transportation program to provide students of the Hartland Elementary School to attend cultural events.


None of us on the current Board participated years ago when HCA mounted its legendary variety shows. Some of us learned only recently, that HCA fundraised for the original stage lights, the grand piano, the curtains, and the projector screen, and that it mobilized volunteers to paint the interior walls of Damon Hall. What we do know is that today Hartland is a town with a lot of community spirit, thanks to the activities of many community groups, such as HCA. We are working to ensure that Hartland will continue to enjoy the community theater into the future by purchasing additional theatrical lights, and this fundraiser surely will help us achieve that goal. The arts may not fill potholes, but who knows what they may fill?

Thank you for supporting the project, and thank you for supporting the Hartland community.