Community Poems


Winter slowly releases its icy grip, while spring gently presents itself from winters blanketed slumber
The air is filled with the scent of receding snow melt, softening the Earth
The sun embraces the broad landscape, nudging her awake
Each day unwraps with increasing daylight of warming promise and rested renewal
Winds change, clouds reach billowing heights
Birds are delivered on her current, migrating North to the innate call of nesting homelands
Rejoicing in a melodic canopy of reunion
Barren trees sway in whispers, as if being gently awakened
Crocus courageously break through mounds of snow, defiantly pushing through small cracks of forgotten fall leaves, lifting them off their foundations
Daffodils and tulips dance in gentle winds, reaching upward in celebration
Maples run sweet, buckets overflowing with springs rejuvenation
Harvesters scurry from tree to tree, collecting and boiling down for palettes delight
Oh… and the mud, glorious mud!
A child’s delight, mud pies, water dams and digging all fours deep to unearth natures buried wonder
Rubber boots sink deeper and deeper with each step into the dark brown ooze…squish…squishhh.. squishhh.
Spring stirs and awakens the deep sleep of hibernating souls.
The gentle gusts of wind fan deprived embers to life, igniting new life and sustaining light while delivering its message of welcomed change and growth from within and across the land.
Rejoice! Spring is here!

— Julie