Video Archive

Here is a recording of the HCA “Spring into Arts” variety show from April 17, 2021: (https://dartmouth NULL.zoom NULL.Q72hsv-_iATI38uF)

(https://dartmouth NULL.zoom NULL.Q72hsv-_iATI38uF)
Linked here (https://dartmouth NULL.zoom NULL.Q72hsv-_iATI38uF)

These past HCA productions are available to view on DVD. We are digitizing some highlights, which we will post here. For now, for reference, we have:

1991 Jubilation Celebration

1992 Thanks for the Memories

1994 Delightfully Disney II

1995 In the Mood, a Salute to Music of WW II

1997 You Can’t Get There From Here

1999 Gigantic

1999 Gershwin, by George! Celebrating Gershwin’s 100th Birthday

2005 To Hartland and Beyond! A Space Oddity

2006 Mozart Fest

2011 Count Dracula

And one play:

Lost and Found

(https://youtu (https://youtu

More coming soon!