Funding Support

There are currently three main ways to request funding from Hartland Community Arts

Proposal for Show/Concert to Be Produced Through HCA

Download a PDF of the Show Proposal Form
Submit a Show Proposal Online

Individual Scholarships for Students

HCA sponsors scholarships for school-aged youth under age 21 who need financial assistance to participate in arts-related (music, performance, painting, photography, etc.) classes, workshops or camps. Applicants must live in the Town of Hartland or have participated in an HCA sponsored performance. Scholarships are usually limited to a maximum of $200 per applicant per year. Applications must be accompanied by a letter from an arts teacher attesting that the student has artistic promise and would benefit from the activity to be funded. All applications must be received at least 45 days prior to the event.
Download the form here.

Other Program/Event Funding

Hartland Community Arts supports the production of shows and music scholarships, but we also can provide funding for a range of projects and experiences.

Request should be submitted at least two months in advance of the event date.

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