Online Show Proposal

Please watch for an acknowledgement of your submission. If you don’t get an email back within a day or so, email Chiho Kaneko. (ckaneko null@null hartlandcommunityarts

You can also download the show proposal form as a PDF.

Contact Name

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Show Concept

Please write a brief description of your idea. Include: what the show is about, the genre:
play, variety show, cabaret, band or choral concert, dance; who is the intended audience (families, adult only).

Production Team (required)



Designers (sets, costumes, etc.) Tech

*Must be committed in advance.

Production Details

Estimated number of performers

Venue (Damon Hall, Hartland Elementary School, a church)

Is the venue needed for rehearsals? Need Venue For RehearsalsWill Rehearse Elsewhere

Tentative rehearsal/production schedule

Do you have permission to use the venue? Need PermissionHave Permission

Date(s) of Performance*

If your first choice date is not available, are you flexible? Need These DatesFlexible

Do you want the HCA Board to handle publicity and advertising for your event? Yes, I need publicity HelpI will do publicity

Do you need any special equipment (follow spots, other lighting instruments, tables, chairs?)

(Do not include in-kind amounts, just note them to the side. If an item does not apply, leave it blank.)


Sheet Music Royalties Equipment Rental Costumes



Programs* Publicity/Press Releases* Newspaper Ads*

Other (please explain)

Total Expenses:

*HCA can assist with these items if desired


Ticket Sales (how many tickets at what price?)

Other (raffle, donations, concessions)

Total Income:

NOTE: All net income produced by shows goes back into the HCA general fund pool for use financing future shows, to fund arts in education programs at Hartland Elementary School or scholarships.

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